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Changelly vs ShapeShift

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

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In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency exchanges, two platforms often come into focus for those seeking to shift digital assets seamlessly: Changelly and ShapeShift. Each presents unique offerings catering to the evolving needs of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This comparative analysis aims to dissect the distinct characteristics of Changelly and ShapeShift, guiding users to navigate through the intricacies of both services.

At a glance

Category Changelly ShapeShift
Headquarters Location Kowloon, Hong Kong Switzerland
Fiat Currencies Supported USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, NZD + 100 others (some through third party apps) USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, NZD + 131 others (through third party apps)
Total Supported Cryptocurrencies 45+ 10000+
Trading Fees 0.08% - 0.10% 0%
Deposit Methods Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MoonPay, Simplex, Banxa, Indacoin, Transak, Wert Cryptocurrency, Banxa, Mt Perelin, Onramper
Support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Live Chat, Help Center Articles, Support Ticket Twitter, Live Chat, Help Center Articles, Support Ticket
Mobile App Yes - iOS, Android Yes - iOS, Android
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About Changelly

Changelly is known in the crypto world for providing a straightforward and efficient means for users to exchange a multitude of cryptocurrencies. Established in 2015, Changelly has earned a reputation for its user-friendly interface that simplifies the trading process for novices and experts alike.

The platform acts as an intermediary between cryptocurrency trading platforms and users, offering access to over 150 cryptocurrencies. The journey of this exchange is marked by pivotal moments that ripple through the cryptocurrency sphere, steering its evolution. The landscape of digital finance has been ever-shifting, with regulatory changes and technological advancements continually reshaping user expectations.

Changelly features

Navigating these waters, the exchange adapted by regularly expanding its cryptocurrency offerings and enhancing its transactional engine, ensuring that its platform remains aligned with the dynamic demands of its users.

Changelly Pros & Cons


  • Wide selection of cryptocurrencies
  • User-friendly interface
  • No need for account creation for simple exchanges
  • High limits for crypto exchanges
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Higher fees compared to some other exchanges
  • Exchange rates can be less competitive
  • No advanced trading options
  • No fiat currency trading pairs
  • Mandatory account creation for fiat transactions

About ShapeShift

On the opposite corner stands ShapeShift, a company that originated in 2014, offering a similar instant exchange service. ShapeShift’s philosophy has always been to provide a straightforward, user-centric trading experience.

This non-custodial exchange ensures users retain control of their private keys, thereby enhancing security while facilitating the exchange of a variety of digital assets. In its progression, the second exchange has witnessed the ebb and flow of the crypto market, with various altcoins rising and falling in popularity. Its response to such market trends has been to offer a diverse range of digital assets, making it a go-to platform for enthusiasts looking to explore beyond mainstream cryptocurrencies.

ShapeShift features

As industry developments command a shift towards greater autonomy and security, the exchange has held steadfast to its non-custodial model, cementing its value proposition amidst a competitive landscape.

ShapeShift Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • No need for an account or personal information for basic transactions
  • Offers competitive exchange rates
  • Provides a platform for both mobile and desktop users


  • Higher fees compared to some other exchanges
  • Limited customer support options
  • No fiat currency trading
  • Lack of advanced trading features
  • Some users report slow transaction times

Changelly vs ShapeShift: Fees

Fee Type Changelly Fees ShapeShift Fees
Deposit Fee (Bank Transfer) 1% - 7% N/A
Deposit Fee (Credit Card/Debit Card) 1% - 7% N/A
Trading Fee 0.08% - 0.10% 0%
Withdrawal Fee (Bank Transfer) Not Listed Not Listed

Both Changelly and ShapeShift have structured their fee systems to be transparent, albeit through different approaches. While Changelly opts for a flat rate fee, ShapeShift varies its fees based on the type of transaction and market conditions.

The key is to weigh the cost against the convenience and speed offered, as both platforms strive to maintain competitive pricing within the market landscape. The intricacies of exchange fees often reflect the complexity of the crypto market itself. Both platforms under discussion have devised fee structures that aim to balance the scales of fairness and operational sustainability.

As they negotiate the space between minimising costs for their users and maintaining efficient service delivery, the implicit challenge is to adapt to network demands and currency valuations without compromising on transparency or user trust.

Winner | ShapeShift: ShapeShift stands out due to its zero trading fee policy, making it more appealing for users looking for cost-effective crypto exchanges. Changelly, while offering competitive fees, still includes a small trading fee.

Changelly vs ShapeShift: Security

Security remains a paramount concern for users when engaging with crypto exchanges. Both Changelly and ShapeShift underscore this, implementing stringent security measures.

Changelly vs ShapeShift security

Two-factor authentication, wallet security, and email verification are staples within their platforms. Yet, their fundamental difference lies in the custodial versus non-custodial debate, where ShapeShift provides an additional layer of security by never controlling user funds. Peeling back the layers of an exchange’s security apparatus reveals a complex network designed to fortify against external threats and internal vulnerabilities.

The exchanges in question actively refine their defence mechanisms, with multi-layered security protocols and internal risk assessments forming the backbone of their efforts. Their ongoing challenge is to anticipate and mitigate potential threats, ensuring that users can trade with peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that their assets are protected.

Winner | Tie: Both Changelly and ShapeShift take their security measures seriously. They implement standard security protocols like two-factor authentication to ensure user account safety. The choice between them in terms of security may come down to personal preference and specific security features that are most important to the user.

Changelly vs ShapeShift: Ease of use

The ease of use is a critical selling point for any service in the cryptocurrency space. Changelly boasts an intuitive interface, simplifying the process of trading for newcomers.

Changelly vs ShapeShift ease of use

ShapeShift counters with its own user-friendly design, focusing on an efficient sign-up process and facilitating an instant swap exchange without the need for depositing funds first. The user journey on a crypto platform is as much about the simplicity of the first exchange as it is about the efficiency of the hundredth. Both exchanges endeavour to craft a seamless experience, whether through the minimisation of transactional steps or the integration of user feedback into interface design.

Their commitment to ease of use is evident in their continued efforts to demystify the complexities of crypto trading for a global user base.

Winner | Changelly: Changelly is known for its straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it a preferred choice for users who prioritize ease of use in their cryptocurrency transactions.

Changelly vs ShapeShift: Support

Effective customer support is essential, and herein both Changelly and ShapeShift excel. Users of both platforms have access to comprehensive support systems, including FAQs, email address contact, and direct assistance for more complex issues.

Changelly vs ShapeShift support

The support provided is a testament to the commitment of both exchanges to create a positive experience for their users. The backbone of any service-oriented platform is its support structure. Both exchanges recognise this, investing in robust support mechanisms that cater to the multifaceted challenges users may encounter.

From technical queries to transactional nuances, the support teams are equipped to provide timely and competent assistance, reflecting the exchanges’ overarching goal to ensure a frictionless trading experience for their customers.

Changelly vs ShapeShift: Features

Changelly and ShapeShift both offer a suite of features aimed at enhancing the crypto trading experience. They provide instant exchanges across a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, with Changelly additionally offering a fiat-to-crypto marketplace.

Changelly vs ShapeShift features

Neither platform limits its users to pre-set trading pairs, hence empowering customers with greater freedom in their exchange choices. Features that cater to the diverse needs of crypto traders are the lifeblood of any exchange. With tools and services designed to enhance trading efficiency, the exchanges offer unique benefits to their clientele.

They remain attuned to the desires of the crypto community by facilitating a breadth of exchange options and innovating where possible to introduce features that resonate with new trends and trading preferences.

Winner | ShapeShift: ShapeShift edges out with its unique feature set, especially its integration with the KeepKey hardware wallet, offering an added layer of security for users. This, along with its no-fee policy, provides a distinctive advantage over Changelly in terms of features.

Final Thoughts

When evaluating Changelly against ShapeShift, users are presented with two robust platforms that each have carved out their unique space in the crypto exchange industry. Both are designed to simplify the exchange process while catering to a global audience.

The choice between them ultimately rests on personal preferences and the specific needs of each crypto trader. In the broader context of the digital finance ecosystem, exchanges like these play a pivotal role. They not only serve as gateways for individuals to enter the world of cryptocurrency but also as innovators driving the industry forward.

Looking to the horizon, the exchanges will likely continue to evolve, potentially integrating emerging blockchain technologies or accommodating shifts in regulatory landscapes, all while striving to meet the changing needs of a diverse user base.

Changelly vs ShapeShift: FAQs

The owner of ShapeShift is Erik Voorhees. He’s a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency world and has been involved in several other digital currency ventures.

The ShapeShift app is generally considered safe by industry standards. ShapeShift has made a name for itself with its commitment to user privacy and security, especially since it doesn’t require personal information for basic transactions.

However, like any online platform, it’s important to use best practices for digital security. This means keeping your software updated, using strong and unique passwords, and being cautious of phishing attempts or suspicious links.


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