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Digital Surge vs Swyftx

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

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When it comes to selecting a cryptocurrency exchange, traders based in Australia have a range of options to choose from. Among these, two platforms stand out: Digital Surge and Swyftx.

Both exchanges have carved out their own niche in the Australian market and offer unique features that appeal to different types of users. In this head-to-head comparison, we’ll delve into various aspects such as fees, security, ease of use, and customer support to help discerning traders make an informed decision.

At a glance

Category Digital Surge Our review is based on the spot trading platform. Please check our methodology on how we rate exchanges for further information. Swyftx Our review is based on the spot trading platform. Please check our methodology on how we rate exchanges for further information.
Headquarters Location Brisbane, Australia Brisbane, Australia
Fiat Currencies Supported AUD USD, AUD, NZD
Total Supported Cryptocurrencies 361+ 350+
Trading Fees 0.5% 0.1% - 0.60%
Deposit Methods Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency, Osko, PayID Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, Osko, PayID, Banxa
Support Live Chat, Help Center Articles, Support Ticket Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Live Chat, Help Center Articles, Support Ticket
Mobile App Yes - iOS, Android Yes - iOS, Android
Our Rating
Crypto Head Rating
Our review is based on the spot trading platform. Please check our methodology on how we rate exchanges for further information.
Crypto Head Rating
Our review is based on the spot trading platform. Please check our methodology on how we rate exchanges for further information.
Review Read full Digital Surge review Read full Swyftx review
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About Digital Surge Our review is based on the spot trading platform. Please check our methodology on how we rate exchanges for further information.

Digital Surge is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that has quickly gained a reputation for its user-friendly interface and commitment to customer service. Launched by Brisbane-based entrepreneurs Josh Lehman and Dan Rutter, this exchange provides a straightforward platform for both new and experienced investors to buy, sell, and manage digital assets.

Digital Surge prides itself on integrating with Australian bank accounts through PayID, offering quick and seamless transactions. Its focus on providing educational resources reflects its dedication to making the crypto market accessible to a wider audience.The inception of this exchange can be traced back to a vision of simplifying the often complex cryptocurrency landscape for the average person.

Digital Surge features

Its journey has been shaped by a rapidly evolving Australian crypto market that strives for innovation and user-friendly solutions. Pivotal in its growth has been the adoption of features tailored to local preferences, such as support for local payment methods and a keen understanding of the regulatory environment.

This platform’s trajectory has been marked by a commitment to demystifying digital currency investment, illustrating a keen responsiveness to the needs of its user base.

Digital Surge Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Australian-based with local support
  • AUD fiat currency support
  • Good amount of cryptocurrencies available
  • Competitive trading fees


  • Limited global availability
  • No advanced trading features
  • Limited educational resources
  • Fewer features for professional traders
  • Users lost significant funds with the FTX crash

About Swyftx Our review is based on the spot trading platform. Please check our methodology on how we rate exchanges for further information.

Swyftx, another prominent Australian cryptocurrency exchange, offers a comprehensive crypto trading platform known for its advanced features. With a focus on providing a wide variety of digital currencies, Swyftx appeals to both novice and seasoned traders.

The exchange has made a name for itself with its competitive fee structure and a suite of tools designed to enhance the trading experience. Swyftx also integrates with PayID, allowing for quick and efficient fund transfers from Australian bank accounts.The development of this platform has been influenced by a burgeoning demand for more sophisticated crypto trading tools within the Australian market.

Swyftx features

Recognising the importance of catering to the needs of experienced traders as well as newcomers, the exchange has progressively introduced a range of features that facilitate advanced market strategies. Its expansion reflects broader trends in the industry towards offering a more comprehensive suite of services, from a variety of crypto assets to smart contract platforms, thus contributing to a richer, more dynamic digital finance ecosystem.

Swyftx Pros & Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies available
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Competitive trading fees
  • Quick verification process


  • Limited advanced trading features
  • Beginner focused user experience

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: Supported Cryptocurrencies

In terms of total cryptocurrencies available, Digital Surge users have access to more cryptocurrencies. Digital Surge offers 361 cryptocurrencies whereas Swyftx supports 350 cryptocurrencies.

For those interested in trading high market cap cryptocurrencies, Digital Surge supports 26 of the top 30, compared to Swyftx which supports 25 of the top 30.

Digital Surge provides access to a wider range of cryptocurrencies, making it a potential go-to for traders seeking a diverse range. However, Swyftx remains a strong competitor with its offerings.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: Fees

Fee Type Digital Surge Fees Swyftx Fees
Deposit Fee (Bank Transfer) 0% 0%
Deposit Fee (Credit Card/Debit Card) N/A 1.99%
Trading Fee 0.5% 0.1% - 0.60%
Withdrawal Fee (Bank Transfer) 0% 0%

Discussing fees is critical when comparing crypto exchanges, as they can significantly affect the overall investment experience. Digital Surge and Swyftx are both known to have competitive fee structures that are designed to suit a range of trading volumes.

While the specific numbers may vary, both platforms generally follow a similar pattern with the fees decreasing as the user’s trading volume increases. They also offer different methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, each with their own associated costs, but tend to avoid any hidden charges.In the competitive landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges, fees are a key consideration for users looking to optimise their trading strategies.

Both platforms under discussion have acknowledged this by instituting transparent fee policies that encourage active trading. Notably, the exchanges have taken steps to minimise the financial burden on users by offering rebates and other incentives which can benefit high-volume traders.

They also address the need for affordability by providing multiple payment methods, each with its own cost structure, thereby offering users the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective options for their transactions.

Winner | Digital Surge: Digital Surge tends to offer more competitive fee structures, particularly beneficial for certain types of trades and transactions, compared to Swyftx.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: Security

Security is paramount in the realm of digital asset exchanges. Digital Surge and Swyftx both employ a multi-layered security approach, which includes Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect user accounts.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx security

The platforms ensure the majority of their assets are stored in cold storage, away from online threats. They are compliant with Australian regulations, providing a level of assurance to their customers regarding the safety of their funds.Amidst the paramount concern for the security of digital assets, both exchanges have adopted robust measures to provide peace of mind to their users.

They have deployed a range of security features, including biometric security measures and stringent verification processes. By continuously updating their security protocols, these platforms stay ahead of potential threats, ensuring that resilience to attacks remains a top priority.

The proactive security stance of these exchanges not only safeguards assets but also fortifies their reputation as trustworthy custodians in the cryptocurrency domain.

Winner | Tie: Both Digital Surge and Swyftx maintain high security standards with rigorous measures to safeguard user assets and information, making them equally reliable in terms of security.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: Ease of use

The ease of use is often a deciding factor for users when choosing an exchange. Digital Surge’s user interface is designed with the beginner in mind, offering a clean and intuitive experience.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx ease of use

On the other hand, Swyftx caters to a broader range of users, with a mobile platform that serves both novice and advanced traders. The availability of a demo mode on Swyftx allows users to get a feel for the platform without risking actual funds.The user-centric design of both exchanges underlines the industry’s shift towards providing more accessible trading environments.

With the understanding that the user experience can significantly impact adoption rates, both platforms have invested in creating interfaces that streamline the process of trading crypto assets. Whether users prefer a simplistic layout or more comprehensive tools at their disposal, these exchanges have managed to cater effectively to a diverse user base, demonstrating that ease of use need not come at the expense of functionality.

Winner | Swyftx: Swyftx is often commended for its user-friendly interface, which is intuitive and accessible, particularly for those new to cryptocurrency trading.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of any service, and in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading, it’s even more crucial. Digital Surge offers live chat support, ensuring users can get help when they need it.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx support

Swyftx, too, boasts a responsive customer service team, with a live chat feature and an extensive knowledge base for users to resolve their queries. Both exchanges strive to maintain a high standard of support to keep their customers satisfied.The value of comprehensive customer support cannot be understated in an industry where time is often of the essence.

Recognising this, both Digital Surge and Swyftx have established support systems that exemplify their user-first philosophy. With initiatives like live chat and an array of online resources, these platforms ensure that users receive timely assistance and guidance.

Their approach to customer support is not merely reactive but also anticipatory, aiming to provide users with the resources they need before issues arise, thereby fostering a supportive trading environment.

Winner | Swyftx: Swyftx is generally praised for its superior customer support, providing more responsive and comprehensive assistance to its users.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: Features

When it comes to trading features, Swyftx tends to cater to a more diverse audience with advanced trading charts, which may attract users with a bit more experience in the crypto market. Digital Surge, while focused on simplicity, also offers a range of features that make the investment process straightforward and enjoyable.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx features

Both exchanges highlight the importance of a seamless trading experience, although their tools and resources may appeal to different levels of traders.Feature sets on trading platforms are a direct response to market demands for efficiency and versatility in cryptocurrency transactions. Both Digital Surge and Swyftx have recognised this by implementing a suite of features that promote an enjoyable experience while trading.

From offering smart contract capabilities to providing user-friendly tools for portfolio management, the exchanges have curated their services to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. Their commitment to feature development reflects an understanding that the needs of the cryptocurrency trader are ever-evolving.

Winner | Swyftx: Swyftx offers a broader range of features, catering to a more diverse user base with different trading needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both Digital Surge and Swyftx provide robust platforms for trading digital currencies in Australia. Each has its own strengths, with Digital Surge standing out for its user simplicity and Swyftx boasting advanced trading features.

Potential users should consider their own trading needs and preferences, including the importance of fees, variety of digital assets, and the level of customer support required, before making a choice.Both exchanges have positioned themselves as significant players in the digital finance realm, contributing to the vibrant and diverse Australian crypto space. They have achieved this by aligning their offerings with the evolving needs of the market and by providing services that resonate with both novice and experienced investors.

The future of cryptocurrency exchanges like these is likely to be shaped by ongoing innovation, regulatory changes, and the shifting landscapes of digital assets. As the industry matures, these platforms may play a crucial role in determining how accessible and mainstream cryptocurrencies become.

Digital Surge vs Swyftx: FAQs

Digital Surge is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that operates within the digital assets market, providing traders and investors with a platform to trade a variety of digital currencies. With a focus on customer service, Digital Surge offers features such as a user-friendly interface, live chat support, and a range of payment options including PayID, POLi deposits, and bank transfers.

The platform emphasizes security with features like Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and cold storage for digital assets. While Digital Surge appears to be a legitimate option for trading cryptocurrencies in the Australian market, users should always conduct their own due diligence and consider all key factors, including security features, charges, and the experience of the trading platform, before engaging in trading activities.

Digital Surge primarily functions as an Australian cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy, sell, and trade various crypto assets. While it facilitates the transaction of cryptocurrencies and offers wallets for the digital currencies that users trade on its platform, it should not be confused with a standalone crypto wallet service.

Digital Surge provides wallets as part of its exchange service to hold digital assets temporarily while users are trading. However, for long-term storage, it is generally recommended to use an external wallet that provides additional security measures.

Digital Surge’s platform incorporates security features such as authentication protocols and the option to transfer assets to external wallets, catering to both novice and experienced traders in the crypto market.

Digital Surge, an Australian cryptocurrency exchange, was founded by Josh Lehman and Dan Rutter, with Dan Rutter as the CEO. They come with a background in the Australian market for digital assets, bringing their experience to the crypto sector.

Swyftx and Coinbase are both cryptocurrency exchange platforms that serve different markets with various features. The question of which is better depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences.

For Australian users, Swyftx is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide variety of digital assets, local customer support, and payment methods like PayID and POLi that are tailored to the Australian market. It also includes features that cater to both beginners and advanced traders.

Coinbase, on the other hand, is a global exchange known for its user-friendly interface and presence in multiple countries. Users should compare the trading fees, security features, the range of supported digital currencies, and other key factors before deciding which platform suits their trading or investment requirements better.

Swyftx provides security features that are designed to keep users’ digital assets safe on their Australian cryptocurrency exchange platform. This includes the use of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), biometric security, and the implementation of multi-layered security protocols.

However, as with any online platform, it is important for users to consider the inherent risks associated with storing cryptocurrencies on an exchange. For enhanced security, investors often use cold storage options or external wallets for long-term holding of digital assets.

Swyftx aims to provide a safe platform for trading and storing digital currencies, but users should also take personal security measures and may seek out independent financial advice regarding the storage of their crypto assets.

Swyftx is a Brisbane-based cryptocurrency exchange platform in Australia. As for ownership, you would need to consult the latest business records or contact Swyftx directly for the most recent and accurate information regarding their ownership structure.

This information may change over time and may not be widely publicized, so direct inquiry with the company or checking with Business News Australia may provide the current details.

Yes, users can withdraw Australian dollars (AUD) from Swyftx to their Australian bank accounts. This process typically involves selling the cryptocurrency for AUD and then withdrawing the AUD balance.

Swyftx supports a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, with features aimed at the Australian market, such as bank transfers and PayID. Users should be aware of any potential transaction fees or charges associated with withdrawals, and for specific instructions and limitations, it is recommended to review Swyftx’s customer support resources or contact their customer service team directly.

Yes, Swyftx is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that operates within the crypto market, offering trading services and a platform for buying, selling, and holding a variety of digital assets. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia, and caters to Australian customers with specific payment methods like PayID, POLi, and Direct Deposits that are compatible with Australian bank accounts.

Swyftx focuses on the Australian crypto market, providing features to both new traders and experienced investors.


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