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Last Updated: January 2022

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What are Cryptocurrency Applications?

If you’re involved in any way with cryptocurrency, then you already know about the obsession that comes with continually checking the prices of coins to trade at the best time. It’s exhausting and challenging to stay continuously connected to your desktop or laptop, so what’s the alternative method of monitoring the various currencies?

The answer is simple: mobile applications. With devices growing in power, some with stronger CPUs then many laptops and desktops still in use, mobile apps are a necessity in today’s crypto-trading market. The currency has consumed the financial world; everyone is getting in on it now. Whether it’s Bitcoin, Doge Coins, Ethereum, Litecoins or Ripple, cryptocurrency is the way to go. Why? Because they are starting to carry their virtual weight in value, plus they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Also, governments and financial institutions are beginning to recognize their potential and get in on the boom.

What are the Best Mobile Apps?

There are a ton of mobile apps that were created to perform different tasks. Each application has its unique features. Below are some of the best apps, starting with apps that are specialized, a couple best wallet, top trackers and monitoring apps, and the best newsfeed apps.

Blockfolio – This is a financial application for crypto-users. It’s designed to give you a fast glance at your investments. You can customize it to your needs, so it will send you notifications when prices hit a specific cap. It also works with over 800 currencies, with details concerning each one. There’s even a news section for people interested in keeping up with emerging trends, happenings, and announcements in the space. It’s also a free app, worth a fortune if you’re taking cryptocurrency serious.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget – A fast, simple solution for traders who must know the current exchange rate from their home screen. It has support for dozens of cryptocurrencies, and the widget is ideal for nearly every theme. You can even set multiple widgets for different currencies if there are multiple ones you follow.

Bitcoin Price IQ – For many crypto-specialists, this is one of the go-to apps for checking the real-time price of Bitcoin exchanges. It also offers support for more than 165 different currencies around the world. You’ll see how much your currency is worth, regardless of your locale. The app even has charts that show the history of prices, with highs, lows, and other info. The UI design is easy to read, simple and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand.

Bitcoin Checker – This excellent app is one of the most popular cryptocurrency apps on the market. It’s a rock-solid application that people use to check prices on nearly every cryptocurrency around the world continually. The app features a friendly UI, is simple and is quite impressive considering how much information is displayed on the application.

Zupcoin Bot – This is a fun little app. It’s a cryptocurrency chatbot. It allows you the ability to price any crypto coin in relationship to exchange. The bot will give you instant prices and calculations through your Facebook manager.

What are the Best Mobile Wallets?

Wallets are where you manage and keep track or your currencies. Some wallets are capable of storing a diversified portfolio; others are not. There are a lot of great wallets, but to truly capitalize on your investment, exchange when need to and make the most money, you need to be able to access it at any time. Note that we don’t recommend using mobile wallets, for a breakdown of the best options check our wallets page. If you do decide to use a mobile wallet. here are some of the top wallet apps:

Bitcoin Wallet by Coinbase – An outstanding app that will give you the power to manage your Bitcoins. It is created by the popular website and desktop app, exchange platform, Coinbase. They’re a trustworthy company in the crypto-space. You can use it to sell BTC and manage your account, essentially like PayPal for Bitcoin. You can also use the app to request BTC from other entities and remotely disable access via phone if your phone is stolen or lost. It uses a great interface, one that has excellent design and is ranked as one of the best apps on the market.

Bitcoin Wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg – Another of the best wallets in the crypto-space. It has a simpler user-friendly style to it. The application also covers basic Bitcoin needs like balance and exchange rates. It also works with more than 20 currencies as well as 25 languages. It’s also one of the most secure apps on the market. It’s a great application/wallet for advanced users, intermediate users, and even beginners.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet – A management app is one of the most secure apps on the market. Your keys always stay private on your device. They won’t move unless you move them. Also, you can manage multiple accounts, have specific PIN numbers to keep people out and more. You can trade coins with the app in person, and support other components like Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey. The interface isn’t the greatest, but the app is. Wallet – One of the most popular wallet applications. It allows you to check your cryptocurrency balance, move funds and do other things like exchange them. You can even make payments and more. It comes with good-looking design and material. It also has shopping options for buying gift cards from more than 120 merchants. There are even listings of different banks and stores if you require them.

What are the Best Apps for Tracking and Monitoring?

Tracking and monitoring currency exchanges, coin locations, and price changes is one of the most vital steps when crypto-trading. These various apps have a multitude of uses, each with benefits. Check them out now:

CoinPaper – This unique app, turns your screen into a Live Crypto Price wallpaper. It’s a live app that shows Live Graphs on different coins. You can also use different colors and coins.

CryptoTrader – A very real-time, highly-interactive cryptocurrency advisor. You’ll be able to see instant charts on nearly any of the cryptocurrencies. It has a very easy to use UI, is clean and optimized to work on mobile apps.

TabTrader – This free cryptocurrency terminal tracks prices, using technical indicators. You’ll get instant charts and price alerts on a multitude of different currencies. You can even set price alerts from Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine, Reddit and other news sources.

PoloTracker – This app is designed to track Poloniex API. PoloTracker has just about every one of the popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stratis, Digibyte, Steem, and many others.

CoinCap – This is the favorite app of many professional cryptocurrency users. It offers support for more than 600 coins. You can sort them concerning available supply, change %Hr., coin names, market caps, prices and even prices by Market Cap. There is also an option to monitor Volume Trading over a 24-hour period.

ZTrader – The app tracks the market. It gives you information on different currencies, exchanges and everything in between. You can also get 25-bit, AES encryption API keys for security needs. It’s a somewhat complicated app, maybe a little overwhelming at first, but eventually, you can get the hang of it. There is even a live chatroom on it where you can talk to other people. The app is free to download, but not entirely free.

Cryptonator – One more of the all-in-one cryptocurrency based apps. You can convert more than 500 different cryptocurrencies. There is a portfolio tool to track your coins value as well. There is even an option to see which coins did the best and worst over the course of a month’s time. And a widget is also available on it as well in case you need it.

ACrypto – This is a currency tracker that can serve all your trading needs. You can get alerts on more than 1000 different coins. You can use advanced charts, maintain a diversified portfolio, get notifications and alerts, and check prices. Most of it can even be done from your home screen. It’s one of the only apps that allows you the ability to arbitrage opportunities which is pretty much zero risk trading.

What are the Best News Feed Based Apps?

These are the two main apps for staying up to date with the latest news in the crypto-world. One of the most critical factors of success with cryptocurrency is staying up to date with the latest news. These apps allow you the ability to stay ahead of the competition:

Coin Desk – Get instant NEWS on the most recent happenings in the Crypto-world. You can also check graphs, use calculators and get price notifications when things change. (Price charts only available for Ethereum and Bitcoin).

Coin Telegraph – Many claim, this is the best source for news on Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum and financial reports. You can stay on top of the current regulations and upcoming news. It also supports many different Altcoins as well.

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