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People get their skin inked for a whole range of reasons, from wanting to commemorate a loved one, to showing off their commitment to their chosen fandom, or even just because it looks good.

Whatever the reason, for tattoo fans, their skin is their canvas, and cryptocurrency is fast becoming one of the latest inspirations for skin art.

For a fellow Crypto Head, the obvious choice for tattoo artwork is inspired by the latest and most popular cryptocurrencies, but just how popular are these tattoos, and which cryptocurrency is the most inked?

The most popular crypto tattoos

When it comes to people searching the web for crypto tattoos, it’s Bitcoin that gets the most searches, with 1,600 monthly searches on average.

It seems as though cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular as a tattoo subject, with searches for crypto tattoos having increased by 222% in the past year, showing just how quickly this trend is growing.

Rank Search term Average monthly searches 
1Bitcoin tattoo1,600
2Crypto tattoo1,100
3Dogecoin tattoo700
4Ethereum tattoo500

The most inked cryptocurrencies

People love to show off their tattoos on Instagram, so we took a look at the hashtags for crypto inspired tattoos to find out which were the most popular.

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With 1,036 posts, ‘crypto tattoo’ was the most popular, but looking at specific cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin was the most inked with 1,012 posts. Ethereum and Dogecoin took third and fourth place respectively, with fewer than 20 posts apiece.

While the number of tattoos of cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin was fairly low, we predict that we’ll see this trend continue to grow in popularity with more currencies serving as the inspiration for tattoos.

Rank Crypto tattoo hashtagNumber of Insta posts


Using Google Keyword Planner and Instagram, we were able to discover the number of average monthly searches and the number of hashtagged posts for crypto tattoos.