The Rating Process

To rate and rank the exchanges we review, we look at factors like ease of use, fees, trading features, and support. Keep in mind that we didn’t review every single exchange available, and depending on your situation, the exchange you prefer might be different than the ones we picked.

Ease of Use

This includes the ease of the setup and verification process for signing up to the exchange, the ability for fiat deposits, and the general UI (user interface).


Exchanges may have completely different fee structures. These type of fees include deposit & withdrawal fees for fiat, general trading fees, and deposit & withdrawal fees for crypto. Generally, the lower the fees, the better for a trader (assuming no loss in quality of the other exchange featured, and assuming no hidden fees).

Trading Features

The way you can trade crypto can also differ per exchange. Some exchanges only allow for market orders, others have advanced trading platforms that include numerous charts, live order books, and allow for stop, limit, and market orders. It’s factors such as these which we take into account when determining the user experience of trading on a specific exchange. We also look at the number of different cryptocurrencies an exchange may offer.


For support, we look at general support options offered which may include phone support, tickets, and live chat. We also look at the extent of the knowledge provided by the exchange on their site.