Long Blockchain is now a part of Crypto Head

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The Acquisition Dates & Details

We are thrilled to announce that the team at Crypto Head have finalised the acquisition of established brand Long Blockchain, effective April 2021. We are excited for this new development as we continue to strive towards providing the best services for our clients.

What is Long Blockchain?

Long Blockchain has been in the Blockchain industry for many years having worked on and developed a large amount to Distributed Ledger Technology. Blockchain has huge benefits for companies due to four main features:

  • Cryptographic Hashing – An arbitrary amount of data is taken by this algorithm to produce a fixed-size output of enciphered texts.
  • Unalterable – None of the links in the huge network can be altered by external forces for easy theft of personal details.
  • Decentralization – The activities within the system are controlled by all bodies without the power being held by a central authority.
  • Transparent – Our blockchain technology comes with transparent policies to ensure superlative detailing to every feature.

Blockchain consists of three main facets:

  • Blocks – Individual sections are created to store the information produced on the network of computers and accounts.
  • Miners – Human mathematical experts can work on the blockchain to break down the data for safe storage of the transaction.
  • Nodes – The distributed ledgers are created with a complete copy within the nodes, which act as the communication points.