Long Blockchain is now a part of Crypto Head

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We are excited to announce that Long Blockchain has officially merged with Crypto Head. This has been long in the making, and we are excited for the future, combining their expertise in crypto data analytics with our long-standing platform.

What is Long Blockchain?

Long Blockchain was a leader in the Blockchain industry for many years. Focused on distributed ledger technology, they made many breakthroughs with regards to cryptographic hashing and decentralization.

Why the merge with Crypto Head

Crypto Head has been providing reader focused guides since 2017, while we have an amazing team of content writers we definitely lacked in the data analytics department. Combining the forces of Long Blockchain with Crypto Head allows us to create much higher quality content related to blockchain topics. It also allows us to provide much more in-depth information about crypto exchanges using live data for many of our analyses.