Coinformant: A New Chapter with Crypto Head

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Exciting Announcement

As of December 2023, Coinformant a leader in cryptocurrency education has officially merged with Crypto Head. This strategic acquisition aims to further strengthen Crypto Head’s position in the market as a leader in cryptocurrency.

The Legacy of Coinformant

Coinformant was founded in Early 2017, originally starting as a crypto exchange reviewing website. The team quickly grew it and ended up writing hundreds of articles answering crypto traders’ most asked questions. Their mission was to provide a platform that allowed users to improve their knowledge of all things crypto.

Over six years, Coinformant had grown into a reputable brand in the cryptocurrency world. They were quick to adapt to the market and provided relevant guides as the industry evolved.

The Merger with Crypto Head

Crypto Head, known for its in-depth research and crypto analytics, brings Coinformant’s speciality of creating content that users love into one website.

Combining the experience of both teams, Crypto Head looks to create a platform that users can continue to trust as a unique source of information, not only from the research we’ve done but also from our reader focused guides. Users from all over the world can look forward to accessing both detailed educational guides and cutting-edge analysis from Crypto Head.

Looking Ahead

The team at Crypto Head is very excited to improve our offerings as a platform and extend our reach to a wider audience. Together, we look forward to building and educating the global crypto community.