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Fleming Airunugba, a Web3/Crypto Content Writer, and Speaker, brings a unique blend of expertise and enthusiasm to the cryptocurrency news space. Since discovering Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2017, Fleming has dedicated his considerable intellect, curiosity, and persuasive communication skills to educating people about the potential of digital currencies and blockchain technology. His work focuses on crafting compelling content for Web3 brands, aiming to educate their audience, drive engagement, and encourage profitable actions through valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

Fleming has a proven track record of success, having contributed to the growth of numerous Web3 brands. Notably featured on Diversity in Blockchain and other crypto platforms, Fleming’s insights into cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and content marketing have made him a sought-after speaker at various industry events. His passion for the crypto community is matched by his dedication to achieving realistic goals and celebrating milestones with enthusiasm.

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