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Last Updated on March 27, 2024

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In the context of digital identity management, the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) emerges as an important security measure against cybersecurity threats. 

Due to the escalating frequency of data breaches resulting in identity theft, the search for effective solutions is only natural; and SelfKey DAO has positioned itself at the forefront of developing such solutions.

With an honest aim to become decentralized, SelfKey DAO has begun to materialize some of its goals through the launch of SelfKey iD

SelfKey iD represents a new approach to digital identity management, leveraging Zero-Knowledge (ZK) filters to mitigate data breaches by minimizing the extent of data shared during online interactions. Thus, potentially mitigating the risk of sensitive information being compromised.

Within the framework of the SelfKey DAO Protocol, SelfKey iD serves not only as a means of digital identity management but also as a gateway to participation in a dynamic DAO committed to fostering equality, transparency, and fairness among its members.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity, SelfKey DAO, SelfKey iD, and the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in safeguarding against cyberattacks that result in identity theft.


  • Self-Sovereign Identity: A brief introduction
  • SelfKey DAO: A vision for a more secure digital future
  • SelfKey iD: A Revolutionary Digital Identity Management Model
  • Conclusions

Self-Sovereign Identity: A brief introduction

Definition and Purpose 

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID) represents an innovative approach to digital identity management centered around autonomy, where users maintain full ownership over their private information. This can revolutionize digital identity management by empowering individuals and businesses with absolute control over their digital accounts and personal data online. 

By shifting the paradigm from centralized authorities to decentralized ownership, SSID fosters a more inclusive and equitable digital ecosystem. 

Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from this paradigm shift, reclaiming sovereignty over their digital identities and paving the way for a more secure and empowered online experience.

Individuals possessing self-sovereign identity can securely store their data on their devices and offer it for verification and transactions without dependence on a central data repository. 

Therefore, with self-sovereign identity, users retain full authority over the storage and utilization of their personal information. 

Why SelfKey DAO believes SSID could prevent Identity Theft

Certain centralized systems that store individuals’ private or sensitive data may lack robust security measures or fail to update their security measures to address emerging threats.

In these systems, private data resides within a single, centralized server, and a breach of this server could result in the compromise of all the stored data. Therefore, users lack control over the storage and management of their personal or sensitive data, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft.

Self-sovereign identity (SSID) may offer a solution to this vulnerability by empowering individuals to be the sole owners of their data management (where it is stored, for how long, and who has access to it), thereby mitigating the risk of data breaches and identity theft.

SelfKey DAO: A vision for a more secure digital future

SelfKey DAO aims to cultivate a decentralized ecosystem where fairness, equality, and trust are fundamental. At the heart of SelfKey DAO lies the commitment to empower individuals through a robust digital identity management framework, centered around the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSID).

The KEY and SELF Tokens

Among other important achievements, KEY token has been trading on Binance since the year 2017. This utility token lies at the core of the SelfKey DAO Protocol, serving as its cornerstone. KEY token may boast various functionalities, including:

  • Serving as a utility method to access services within the SelfKey DAO Protocol.
  • Enabling individuals to lock their credentials.

While KEY remains pivotal for locking credentials, SelfKey DAO introduces SELF tokens as governance tokens. Some attributes of SELF can include:

  • Individuals who successfully lock a genuine identity can mint SELF tokens.
  • Users who engage proactively for the advancement of SelfKey DAO may have the opportunity to mint SELF tokens.
  • SELF tokens may be used for SelfKey DAO governance voting in the future.

Users can mint their SELF tokens themselves only after SELF is unlocked by the accumulation of sufficient SelfKey DAO votes. SelfKey DAO members can use their SelfKey iD in order to vote and unlock SELF.

SelfKey DAO’s initiatives to accumulate SELF

SelfKey DAO’s goal is to become a community based on fairness, transparency, and effective communication. However, in order for a DAO to thrive, the active participation of its valued members is essential. 

Given this, SelfKey DAO has created several initiatives to both encourage active participation from its members and accumulate SELF tokens by doing so, such as:

Referring an eligible member

SelfKey DAO is always ready to welcome new eligible members, therefore SelfKey iD holders receive an invite code which they can redeem and share it with other individuals. If the people they refer are eligible and join SelfKey DAO, then both can mint SELF tokens. 

The invite code has no limited uses, it can be shared around as many times as possible, enabling SelfKey iD owners to increase their SELF token stash with each new member they get on board.

SelfKey DAO’s Bug Bounty

Another initiative opened by SelfKey DAO to enable SelfKey iD holders to accumulate SELF is the Bug Bounty. Through this project, users can actively participate in the improvement of SelfKey DAO web products by spotting and reporting technical issues in the designated Discord Channel. 

You can find more information about SelfKey DAO’s Bug Bounty by accessing this link:

SelfKey DAO’s Marketing POD

The Marketing POD is a project which enables SelfKey DAO members to actively contribute to the growth of the community by spreading the word about SelfKey and its noble mission.

Through this initiative, users may not only accumulate more SELF tokens, but they are also able to stand out within the community as the voice of a DAO driven by the desire to contribute to a safer digital future. 

It’s important to note, however, that in order to become a member of SelfKey DAO and participate in these initiatives, being a SelfKey iD owner is essential. 

With the active involvement of its valued community, SelfKey DAO has the potential to expand and achieve its goals of mitigating the risks of data breaches leading to identity theft.

More information on SelfKey DAO’s Marketing POD is available here:

How SelfKey DAO aims to apply SSID in its future goals and web products

Through innovative solutions tailored to SSID principles, SelfKey DAO aims to redefine the landscape of digital identity management, placing control firmly back into the hands of its rightful owners – the individuals themselves.

SelfKey DAO upholds the values of fairness and equality, aiming to make sure that every member has a voice and opportunity within the network. 

Moreover, the SelfKey DAO’s aspiration to a trustless environment means that reliance on intermediaries or centralized authorities becomes obsolete, fostering a space where transparency and accountability flourish.

An important milestone in this journey was reached in August 2023, with the launch of SelfKey DAO’s revolutionary digital identity management model, SelfKey iD.

SelfKey iD: A Revolutionary Digital Identity Management Model

SelfKey iD represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift in digital identity verification, aiming for a swifter, more secure, and cost-effective alternative to conventional KYC methods. 

Leveraging the capabilities of ZK technology and smart contracts, it may hold the potential to provide a secure and streamlined identity verification process. This innovation may have the capacity to mitigate numerous challenges inherent in traditional KYC procedures.

Through SelfKey iD, individuals may have the opportunity to establish a self-sovereign identity under their control, affording them complete ownership of their personal data.

How SelfKey iD enhances Digital Identity Management

SelfKey DAO harnesses the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence within its digital solutions to combat contemporary threats. This includes malicious bots, deepfakes, and other cyber threats engineered by malicious actors leveraging AI technology.

SelfKey iD employs various measures to bolster digital identity security, such as:

  • Selfie checks, which verify users’ authenticity and prevent duplication. Through recurrent selfie checks, users’ personal accounts are safeguarded by leveraging AI to detect subtle details beyond human perception, thus reducing the risk of infiltration by malicious bots.
  • An additional standout feature of SelfKey iD is its utilization of Zero-Knowledge filters, allowing users to minimize the disclosure of personal data during online interactions. By limiting data exposure, the risk of identity theft and compromise is mitigated.
  • Credential Locking, also known as proof of humanity, is another pivotal component which may enhance digital security for SelfKey iD users. This verification method confirms the uniqueness and authenticity of individuals during the online identity verification process, thereby preventing bot activity, fake accounts, and identity theft.

SelfKey iD within SelfKey DAO

The inherent purpose of SelfKey iD is to revolutionize digital identity management by utilizing AI technology to mitigate the risks of data breaches leading to identity theft. However, there’s more advantages which come with owning a SelfKey iD.

SelfKey iD holders may be eligible to become members of the thriving SelfKey DAO and participate in a number of initiatives and engaging activities tailored specifically for its valued members. 

First and foremost, a SelfKey iD holder who actively and positively contributes to the growth of the SelfKey DAO can be eligible to accumulate SELF. Many of these initiatives are ongoing and users can keep participating in order to stand out and increase their SELF stash (e.g. The SelfKey DAO Marketing POD).

SelfKey iD owners may also be eligible to take part in the DAO’s decision making process by voting. For instance, SelfKey iD holders can vote to unlock the SELF token, which they can mint themselves. 

You can get your SelfKey iD here: 


In an era where society becomes increasingly intertwined with the digital landscape, safeguarding one’s digital identity has never been more critical. The relentless march towards a fully digital society necessitates a heightened focus on security measures. 

With the advent of artificial intelligence, cybercriminals have found new avenues to exploit vulnerabilities, rendering traditional security methods inadequate.

Yet, amidst these challenges, there lies a beacon of hope in the form of AI-driven solutions.

SelfKey DAO emerges as a pioneer in the quest for a more secure digital future. By harnessing the power of AI, SelfKey DAO seeks to counteract evolving cyber threats and provide robust protection for our digital identities. 

As society navigates this digital transformation, SelfKey DAO aims to be at the forefront of this change by offering innovative solutions to enhance digital identity management.

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