AI plus Blockchain: The Winning Formula for Venture Capital?

Last Updated on March 18, 2024

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Key Takeaways:

  • Venture capital is showing renewed interest in AI and blockchain startups, as evidenced by recent funding successes for companies like Utila, Synnax, UXLINK, TEN, TON Foundation, and Sahara against the backdrop of a positive shift in cryptocurrency sentiment due to the launch of Bitcoin ETFs.
  • The total crypto and blockchain-focused venture capital funding in 2023 was $5.75 billion, a significant decrease from 2022, but the final quarter of 2023 witnessed a modest growth in investments, marking a potential turnaround.
  • Innovations at the intersection of AI and blockchain, especially those targeting institutional investors entering the crypto domain, are attracting significant venture capital attention, indicating a promising landscape for future investments in this area.

In the first half of March, a selection of startups, including Utila, Synnax, UXLINK, TEN, TON, and Sahara secured funding, signaling a vibrant period for venture capital in the realms of AI and blockchain technology.

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2024, the cryptocurrency sector is witnessing a positive shift in sentiment, largely attributed to the launch of Bitcoin ETFs in January.

This optimism is expected to catalyze venture capital investments following a significant downturn.

In 2023, crypto and blockchain-focused venture capital firms gathered $5.75 billion across 58 funds, a decrease from the $37.7 billion amassed in 2022 across 262 funds, as reported by Galaxy Digital.

Global VC fundraising in blockchain/crypto
Global VC fundraising in blockchain/crypto. Source:

However, the final quarter of 2023 saw a modest 2.5% increase in venture funding to $1.9 billion from the previous quarter, marking the first growth in crypto startup investments since early 2022.

The burgeoning interest from investors is notably directed towards innovations that merge artificial intelligence with blockchain technology, as well as solutions aimed at institutional investors entering the crypto domain.

Highlights from Recent Venture Capital Activity


Utila announced an $11.5 million seed funding round for its enterprise-grade, self-custody wallet platform, catering to institutional investors across various blockchains.

The company, which has seen over $3 billion in transactions over six months, boasts a diverse clientele, including hedge funds and token issuers. The round attracted contributions from prominent firms and individuals, emphasizing the platform’s growing importance.


Synnax successfully raised $1 million in pre-seed funding for its pioneering credit intelligence platform, setting the stage for a new standard in digital asset credit rating.

This platform aims to bridge the gap between traditional private credit markets and blockchain technology, leveraging decentralized AI to enhance transparency and reduce bias.


UXLINK closed a nearly $10 million funding round, underscoring its vision for a Web3 social platform that fosters genuine, two-way interactions.

The platform has already attracted millions of verified users and thousands of decentralized groups, showcasing its potential to redefine social networking in the Web3 era.


TEN, an Ethereum layer 2 solution, raised $9 million, led by the banking consortium R3.

The platform emphasizes privacy and customization in smart contract development, preparing for its mainnet launch with features designed to enhance security and usability for developers.

TON Foundation

TON Foundation received an $8 million investment from Mirana Ventures, evidencing the growing ecosystem around The Open Network and its native Toncoin.

This investment, supported by significant partnerships and integrations, underscores the network’s potential and appeal.


Sahara garnered $6 million in seed funding to advance its decentralized AI network, which supports the creation of Knowledge Agents for autonomous data analysis, emphasizing privacy and security in AI model training.

These developments not only highlight the innovative intersection of AI and blockchain technologies but also signal a rejuvenated interest in the crypto space from institutional investors.

With these startups paving the way, the landscape for venture capital investment in crypto and blockchain appears increasingly promising.

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