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Last Updated: November 2020

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For Australian traders who’re debating the pros and cons of entering the Bitcoin market, we recommend checking out Digital Surge, a promising Brisbane based platform focused on the Australian market.

In this article, we’ll walk you through their features before we let you decide whether the platform has what you’re looking for.

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Digital Surge: Australian Bitcoin Exchange

Digital Surge was founded in 2017 and headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. It’s spearheaded by Dan Rutter and Josh Lehman, both fervent believers in the transformative power of financial technology with more than 10 years of experience in the IT sector.

Their main incentive for creating this platform has always been to simplify the way people, and Australians in particular, can access and use cryptocurrency in their daily lives. Customers can bank on Digital Surge’s reliability, excellent customer support, and ease of use.

This crypto exchange allows customers to buy and sell Bitcoin with AUD in the blink of an eye. They offer a range of payment methods to suit every trader’s needs, inexpensive fees, and lots of trading tools for experienced traders.

The Digital Surge team shows great commitment to transparency and building trust between existing and potential customers. They frequently take part in local crypto-related events to promote the potential of both digital currencies and the underlying blockchain technology.

Raising awareness is key to mainstream crypto usage where Digital Surge believes lies the future of finances.

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Supported Cryptocurrencies and Payment Methods

At the moment, users can only buy Bitcoin (BTC) on the platform in exchange for Australian Dollars (AUD).

The lack of support for both altcoins and other fiat currencies is the only disadvantage of Digital Surge. If you’re someone looking to diversify their portfolio or simply like the thrill of speculating on obscure altcoins, this might not be the right platform for you.

For Bitcoin traders, however, Digital Surge is one of the best Australian digital marketplaces. The digital wizard function guides users through the whole buying/selling process and allows them to set their own buy or sell prices and connect with other Australian traders who’re willing to accept their offer.

They can purchase BTC via regular bank transfers or popular online debit payment methods such as POLi, PayID, and BBAY that you can connect with your bank account. The advantage of these payment services is they are processed almost instantaneously while bank transfers take 1-2 business days.

Currently, Digital Surge doesn’t support debit or credit card payments, cash deposits, or payments via PayPal.

Digital Surge Pay Wizard

Another way in which Digital Surge promotes the use of cryptocurrency in our everyday lives is by introducing the Digital Surge Pay Wizzard that allows customers to pay Australian bills with Bitcoin.

In fact, they can pay any BPAY bill, pay to your credit card or pay to your bank account as long as they have a BPAY biller code. The limit is $1,000 per transaction.

Australian traders will be familiar with the electronic bill payment service BPAY that allows them to pay their gas, tax, electricity, phone, and insurance bills via online banking (BPAY bills) since 1997.

Now, Digital Surge has linked BPAY with Bitcoin, the global currency of the twenty-first century and allows Australians to make faster and more secure bill payments through their exchange. You just need to enter the biller details and the platform will calculate the amount of Bitcoin you need to trade.

When you’re ready, you can choose to pay either from your Digital Surge Wallet or from a third-party online or offline wallet. If you used this exchange to buy Bitcoin in the first place, then your coins will be in the Digital Surge Wallet unless you choose to move them someplace else.

In that case, you’ll be given an address to which you should send your BTC from the third-party wallet within ten minutes to keep the quoted BTC price. Once the platform receives your BTC, your bill will be paid.

Digital Surge Fees and Limits

The minimum deposit when creating your account is $20 but there’s no deposit fee for bank transfers! POLi deposits, on the other hand, incur a fee between $2 and $3.30.

AUD withdrawals are free of charge as well but Bitcoin withdrawals incur a 0.0004 BTC fee to cover the cost of the network transaction fee.

On Digital Surge, the trading fees are calculated based on your 30-day trade volume. They start at 0.75% for a trading volume of less than $10,000 and can get as low as 0.1% for trading volumes of $1,500,000 and more. Your trading fees are adjusted every four hours.

The full trading fee schedule is outlined in the table below:

Trading Fee % 30 Day AUD Volume
0.75% < $10,000
0.7% <$40,000
0.6% <$70,000
0.5% <$100,000
0.4% <$200,000
0.3% <$400,000
0.2% <$800,000
0.15% <$1,500,000
0.1% >$1,500,000


PayID payments have a daily limit of $10,000, BPAY payments vary depending on the bank, while the limit for POLi payments is only $1,000.

On their website, the Digital Surge team promises they’re doing their best to reduce the costs that come with trading Bitcoin and welcome any suggestions on how to get better at it.

Customer Support

Users can contact Digital Surge’s customer support team and submit their queries via email or use the exchange’s live chat for more urgent issues. The company is also responsive on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

That customer support is one of their number one priorities can be seen from the widely positive user comments on online review sites such as Trustpilot and

According to users, Digital Surge is “by far the simplest exchange to purchase cryptocurrency in Australia”, “Really easy to navigate the website, easy to sign up and verify, quick deposits, no complaints whatsoever!”, and they “would never use anyone else”.

The Digital Surge website also features a help center with advice and answers from the team where users can inform themselves about the platform’s services, check out frequently asked questions, and even learn about crypto-related topics.

Is Digital Surge Safe to Use?

Digital Surge’s co-founder Lehman is a certified penetration tester with IT security being of special interest to him. When designing the platform, he made sure he included state-of-the-art security measures to protect customers’ sensitive data and funds from any cyber threats.

First of all, all Digital Surge employees must pass a criminal background check as part of the hiring process before they’re able to join the team.

Next, the entire website traffic of the exchange runs on SSL (HTTPS) encryption. All sensitive data including personal information and passwords are hashed before they’re stored in the database. Application credentials are never mixed with the regular database and codebase.

Fund protection is facilitated using cold storage, i.e. offline wallets where 98% of customer funds are stored. The difference in safety between cold storage and regular online “hot” wallets is that the offline ones are disconnected from the Internet and protected from online third-party attacks. There has been no security breach on Digital Surge to date.

When you want to make a withdrawal request, either for Bitcoin or AUD, you need to complete a two-step verification procedure before your request gets approved.

Moreover, Digital Surge is registered with AUSTRAC, the leading Australian financial authority in charge of enforcing laws that would minimize cyber threats, hacking attacks, and any fraudulent activities on cryptocurrency exchanges, fighting against money laundering, terrorism financing, and cybercrimes.

This means that Digital Surge has to comply with the AML and CTF policies of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 that requires all AUSTRAC-regulated crypto exchanges to collect personal information from customers to verify their identity, monitor transactions to detect suspicious trading patterns, and report back to AUSTRAC.

Verification Process

Digital Surge takes care of its customers’ verification together with Australia Posts Digital ID. The whole process lasts no more than a couple of minutes.

At the start, the platform will ask for your full name and phone number. Then, they will send a verification code to your mobile phone. Once you confirm, you’ll be directed to the Digital ID verification process.

Then, you’ll be asked to provide a valid form of IDs such as a national ID card, passport, or driving license. Digital Surge will check and confirm your details and your application will be approved.

There are two verification levels that you can be eligible for. Level 1 is the default verification level assigned automatically when you verify your account. These accounts have a daily deposit limit of $1,000 and these AUD deposits can be used immediately to purchase BTC.

The deposit is added to the Reserved Balance which restricts withdrawals in the next seven days. Level 2 users have a daily deposit limit of $10,000 and no Reserved Balance withdrawal restrictions.

Only users who have built up a reliable trading and deposit history over a 1-2 month period can apply to have their account upgraded to Level 2.


Does Digital Surge Have a Mobile App?

For the time being, Digital Surge doesn’t provide a mobile app for its users. Those of you wanting to trade on the go shouldn’t be disappointed because you can still access the platform’s website from your phone. You can even bookmark it to your home screen like it was a regular app.

What Countries Are Supported by Digital Surge?

Digital Surge is only available in Australia at the moment. The decision to focus solely on the Australian market allows the platform to offer practical local ways of including Bitcoin in day to day purchases such as paying bills or paying BTC to your credit card or bank account via BPAY.

Does Digital Surge Provide a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Yes! The Digital Surge wallet makes it super easy to buy Bitcoin and automatically store it with the exchange or sell Bitcoin from your Digital Surge wallet balance. However, we don’t recommend storing your Bitcoin longterm in an online wallet as you risk losing everything in case of an unfortunate security breach.

The Bottom Line

So, is Digital Surge the right crypto exchange for you? Only you can be the final judge of that.

If you’re an Australian trader who’s main crypto interest is Bitcoin or a novice who’s looking for a platform with no learning curve, Digital Surge can be a great starting point. The platform is very beginner-friendly and easily navigable with no complicated trading features.

The pay wizard guides you through the whole buying and selling process, calculates the trading fees, and offers you the best Bitcoin deal. In the end, it gives you the option to store your coins in the platform’s ultra-secure online wallet.

On top of that, with Digital Surge you can even pay your bills in BTC! This is a testament to the team’s dedication to finding ways to include Bitcoin in everyday purchases.

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