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Exploring if Fidelity Offers a Bitcoin ETF

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

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As the world of digital currencies continues to rise in prominence, investors are increasingly probing established financial service providers to discern their offerings in the realm of cryptocurrency investments. One such provider, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC, has drawn attention with its entry into the crypto market through the Fidelity Digital Assets platform. A question that frequently arises is, “Does Fidelity have a Bitcoin ETF?” In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of Fidelity Bitcoin ETFs, discussing the company’s cryptocurrency investment options, alongside the associated investment strategies and inherent risks.

Key Takeaways

  • Fidelity offers the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF, providing investors exposure to Bitcoin.
  • The Fidelity Digital Assets platform is responsible for custody and trading services for the ETF’s underlying digital assets.
  • Investing in Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETFs requires assessment of investment objectives, risks, and expenses.
  • Despite emphasizing a focus on long-term Bitcoin investment strategy, the ETF acknowledges the high risks and uncertain market conditions in meeting its objectives.
  • As the landscape of digital currencies advances, companies like Fidelity are well-positioned to play a critical role in incorporating crypto assets into traditional investment portfolios.

Understanding Bitcoin ETFs and Fidelity’s Position

Investing in Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETFs requires taking into consideration investment objectives, risks, and expenses. Prospective investors are advised to carefully review the prospectus or offering documents before investing in a bitcoin ETF. Fidelity Digital Assets, a key player in the Fidelity Crypto® platform, provides custody and trading services for the underlying digital assets in the ETF. This emphasizes the volatile and non-insured nature of crypto assets.

Fidelity's Bitcoin ETF position

As the digital asset market continues to evolve rapidly, Fidelity has established itself as a notable player by providing extensive services through its platform. It is worth mentioning that neither Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC nor National Financial Services LLC support trading or custody services for crypto assets. This underlines the company’s specialized role in the cryptocurrency space.

When considering a bitcoin ETF fidelity investment, it is crucial for investors to understand the market’s volatility and potential risks involved in cryptocurrency investments.

As an investor, understanding the specifics and nuances of Fidelity’s cryptocurrency investments is vital before making a decision to invest:

  1. Review offering documents carefully
  2. Consider investment objectives, risks, and expenses
  3. Be aware of the services provided by Fidelity and its subsidiaries
  4. Recognize that the cryptocurrency market is subject to extreme volatility
Investment Aspect Considerations
Investment Objectives Ensure the ETF aligns with your long-term financial goals
Risks Understand the high level of volatility and potential losses in crypto investments
Expenses Be aware of management fees and other costs associated with investing in a bitcoin ETF
Services Identify the range of services offered by Fidelity through its specialized platforms

In conclusion, a fidelity bitcoin investment presents both opportunities and challenges for investors. It is imperative for investors to closely examine their goals, the inherent risks, and the services available before deciding on a fidelity cryptocurrency investment.

Fidelity’s Approach to Digital Assets and Crypto Investments

As the cryptocurrency market evolves, Fidelity Investments has taken an active role in contributing to the broader adoption of digital assets, offering innovative products and services that navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrency investments. The company’s approach to digital assets combines expertise, technology, and customer service, all aimed at ensuring secure and seamless access to the world of cryptocurrencies for their clients.

fidelity digital assets

Fidelity Digital Assets and the Crypto Landscape

Fidelity Digital Assets operates under the umbrella of Fidelity Crypto to provide custody and trading services for digital assets, such as bitcoin. In fulfilling their role as a reliable and secure service provider for crypto investments, Fidelity has obtained regulatory approval from the New York Department of Financial Services for their custody services. The company aims to be a comprehensive provider of essential services for the trade of digital assets, thereby contributing to the broader adoption of crypto investments among traditional investors.

Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF: Investment Strategy and Risks

Fidelity offers the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF as one of its flagship cryptocurrency products for investors seeking exposure to bitcoin. The ETF aims to provide a strategic focus on bitcoin investments and avoids short-term price speculation.

Cementing Fidelity’s role as a stakeholder in the crypto ETF market, the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF elucidates the associated risks involved in the cryptocurrency market, including significant volatility, potential substantial losses, and the unpredictable nature of bitcoin prices. It is essential for investors to comprehend the speculative nature and challenges in achieving investment objectives due to the unpredictable bitcoin market.

Navigating the Complexity of Crypto Investments with Fidelity

Fidelity offers a variety of services and tools to assist investors in understanding and navigating the complex world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. These services include:

    • A Fidelity ETF Screener that simplifies the process of selecting ETFs by allowing investors to filter options based on various factors such as investment objectives, risk tolerance, and performance.
    • Free commission on purchases

of Fidelity ETFs in a retail account, subject to assessment fees.

  • An emphasis on understanding the unique risks associated with investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies, such as theft of cryptographic keys and the unpredictable regulatory environment.

By leveraging Fidelity’s tools, resources, and expertise, investors can make informed decisions about their crypto investments, ensuring an alignment with their personal financial goals and risk tolerance.


The increasing interest in cryptocurrency investments has led many to wonder, does Fidelity have a bitcoin ETF? Fidelity Investments Canada ULC offers the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF, providing investors an opportunity to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency market. This move signifies Fidelity’s recognition of the evolving landscape of asset management, including the desire to provide broader investment access and enhance portfolio diversification for its clientele.

Fidelity’s bitcoin ETF, along with their comprehensive digital assets platform, Fidelity Digital Assets, emphasizes the company’s forward-thinking approach to embracing blockchain technologies. As the investment landscape continues to change, Fidelity is well-positioned to play a substantial role in integrating crypto assets with traditional investment portfolios. Investors should keep a close eye on the market and upcoming regulatory developments to stay in the know regarding possible opportunities for engaging with cryptocurrency ETFs through Fidelity.

Despite the exciting developments in the world of digital assets, Fidelity remains transparent about the risks and potential challenges associated with this high-risk investment. As investors consider their options, it’s essential to review the prospectus and exercise caution before investing. Fidelity offers services such as the Fidelity ETF Screener, as well as zero commission on purchases of Fidelity ETFs to help investors make more informed decisions that align with their objectives and risk tolerance. With this comprehensive package, Fidelity aims to provide a strong foundation for those looking to venture into the realm of cryptocurrency investment.


Does Fidelity offer a Bitcoin ETF?

Yes, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC offers the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF, which focuses on investing in bitcoin and aims to provide investors with exposure to the cryptocurrency.

What is the investment strategy of Fidelity’s Advantage Bitcoin ETF?

The Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF is designed to invest in bitcoin without engaging in short-term price speculation. However, the fund acknowledges the high-risk nature of bitcoin investment and is suited for investors who can absorb potential losses.

How does Fidelity Digital Assets support the Bitcoin ETF?

Fidelity Digital Assets provides custody and trading services for the underlying digital assets in the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF. The custody service is regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services, which adds legitimacy and security to the storage services provided.

What risks should investors be aware of when investing in Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETFs?

Investors should consider the high risks associated with bitcoin investments, such as significant volatility, potential market manipulation, total loss, theft of cryptographic keys, and an unpredictable regulatory environment. Investors should carefully review the prospectus or offering documents before investing.

Are there any fees associated with Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF investments?

ETFs, including the Fidelity Advantage Bitcoin ETF, may have various fees including commissions, management fees, and expenses. Fidelity offers free commission on purchases of Fidelity ETFs in a retail account, subject to assessment fees. It is essential for investors to understand the risks and costs associated with their investment selections.

How can I find more information about Fidelity’s Bitcoin ETF and other cryptocurrency offerings?

Fidelity provides a variety of services, including a Fidelity ETF Screener, to help investors navigate and select financial instruments that align with their investment objectives and risk tolerance. Investors can visit the Fidelity Digital Assets website or contact Fidelity customer service for more information regarding their crypto investment offerings.

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