SatoshiLabs, Creator of Trezor, Launches Bitcoin-Only Firmware

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SatoshiLabs, the company behind the popular hardware wallet Trezor, just introduced a new firmware that supports Bitcoin exclusively.

Firmware is a permanent software programmed into a read-only memory. The beta version of this new technology is currently available for download. Those who own both the Treza 1 and the Treza Model T can employ the Bitcoin-only firmware.

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With this product extension, the company will now be producing four different types of firmware, both Bitcoin-only and altcoin for both the Treza 1 and the Treza Model T.

Beta Testing

While the new firmware is in the beta stage, it is still undergoing testing. Early users are currently providing feedback to SatoshiLabs before the product will go on sale to the general public. Testers enjoy being a part of the beta testing program because they get to try out new products before anyone else. They also get to contribute to the final version of the project. The company aims to release a fully-stable version of the product next month.


Many people are excited by this new firmware, while others seem to be a bit confused. Twitter user @ajorg took to the platform to express his confusion, “What benefit do you get from using a firmware with less functionality?” However, others appreciate Trezor’s decision to appeal to Bitcoin maximalists.

The founder of the Bitcoin wallet Coinkite, Rodolfo Novak, also expressed disdain for the idea of a Bitcoin-only firmware. He thought that unevenly distributing resources and capital would make maintaining both the BTS and altcoin products difficult at a high level. The co-founder of SatoshiLabs replied to the criticism, stating that the company constructs both of their firmware products from the same codebase, thus eliminating this issue.

Trezor is not new to backlash and negative comments. Back in March, their largest competitor, Ledger, released a list of faults they felt were present in Trezor wallets. SatoshiLabs fired back in a statement that proclaimed that none of the weaknesses mentioned by Ledger were critical. SatoshiLabs posited that their devices were only vulnerable when under attack by experienced hackers with extended time and physical proximity.

Installation Tips

For those wishing to check out this new technology for themselves, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • If you own a Trezor Model 2, you must install firmware version 2.1.0 before attempting to download.
  • If your devices are running the Bitcoin-only firmware, they cannot serve as two-factor authentication tokens.


SatoshiLabs will still supply their firmware that supports every kind of altcoin in addition to this new Bitcoin-only firmware. They hope the new wallet will appeal to consumers who are only interested in working in Bitcoin. This plan may work, as Bitcoin is still the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and continuing to grow.

This announcement from SatoshiLabs comes after many Bitcoin-only hardware wallets hit the market in 2018. This new product seems to be building upon an existing trend toward satisfying those who only want to work with Bitcoin.

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