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Best Crypto ETFs Australia

Last Updated on January 31, 2024

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As the cryptocurrency market continues to expand, more Australians are seeking simple and efficient investment opportunities in this rapidly growing digital asset space. Among the top choices for investors looking to get involved with cryptocurrencies are crypto ETFs, which offer a straightforward way to gain exposure to the Australian cryptocurrency market without the hassle of direct investment. Let’s dive into the world of crypto ETFs in Australia and discover the top options for investment.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto ETFs provide a simplified method for investing in the Australian cryptocurrency market
  • BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) is a major ETF option available on the Australian Securities Exchange
  • CRYP primarily invests in companies supporting the crypto industry, including mining firms and financial services platforms
  • Australian investors can also explore international crypto ETFs for additional investment opportunities
  • It’s crucial to assess the risks and rewards of investing in crypto ETFs before taking the plunge

Understanding Crypto ETFs and Their Place in the Australian Market

Crypto ETFs have emerged as one of the best investment options Australia offers for those looking to partake in the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. These innovative cryptocurrency investment vehicles combine the proven operational approach of traditional ETFs with a focus on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. By doing so, they provide a regulated environment for investment and allow trading on the stock exchange, unlike direct cryptocurrency holdings or purchases.

The Australian crypto ETF landscape is currently limited, with the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) being the only choice available on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Rather than directly investing in cryptocurrencies themselves, CRYP captures the performance of companies operating within the crypto sector, such as those involved in the development, production, storage, and trading of digital assets and related technologies.

By offering exposure to the broader crypto industry, Australian crypto ETFs such as CRYP present a notable alternative to directly holding cryptocurrencies. This can be particularly appealing for investors seeking a more diversified risk profile, regulatory peace of mind, and an easier entry into the fast-paced crypto market.

Australian crypto ETFs

However, it is essential to understand the distinction between various types of crypto ETFs before considering them as part of a diversified investment portfolio. The table below highlights some critical differences between crypto ETFs that hold cryptocurrencies directly, those that invest in companies supporting the crypto industry, and those that follow an index of the largest digital assets:

Type of Crypto ETF Target Assets Examples Pros Cons
Direct holding ETFs Cryptocurrencies N/A in Australia Direct exposure to specific cryptocurrencies, potential for high returns High risk due to market fluctuations, regulatory concerns
Industry-focused ETFs Companies involved in the crypto market BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) Less volatile exposure to crypto markets, regulated environment Performance tied to the health of the crypto industry, rather than individual assets
Indexed ETFs Index of the largest digital assets N/A in Australia Diversification of crypto holdings, reduced risk compared to direct holdings Reliant on overall cryptocurrency market performance, limited choice within the industry

In conclusion, with the availability of Australian crypto ETFs like CRYP on the ASX, investors can capture crypto market growth in a regulated and more accessible way. While the range of choices remains limited compared to other markets, this unique investment vehicle represents a fascinating opportunity for Australians to explore the world of digital assets without directly dealing with the complexities and risks of buying and holding cryptocurrencies outright.

Navigating the Australian Crypto ETF Landscape

As the first and only crypto ETF listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) sets the benchmark for top performing crypto ETFs in the country. With Australia’s crypto market exposure growing, investors need to understand the significance of this fund and explore other options available to them.

The Significance of BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP)

CRYP focuses on companies that support the crypto industry, including crypto mining firms and financial services platforms. This ETF gained significant traction shortly after its launch, reflecting substantial investor interest in the Australian cryptocurrency space. Its performance underscores the potential for Australian crypto investment through market exposure to the rising digital asset industry.

International Crypto ETF Choices for Australian Investors

When looking beyond the ASX for crypto ETFs, Australian investors have a few more options on US stock exchanges. These include:

  1. ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF
  2. Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund

While these international crypto ETFs provide access to Bitcoin futures contracts and track some of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, they often come at higher costs and pose additional risks due to the inherent volatility of crypto markets.

Comparing Costs and Performance: Making an Informed Decision

When assessing your crypto ETF options, it’s vital to compare costs and performance. The BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF has a management fee of 0.67% per annum, which is relatively low compared to international ETFs like ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF and Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund. These international ETFs have higher fees since they employ more sophisticated investment strategies, such as using futures contracts and frequent rebalancing in the case of Bitwise 10.

BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund
Management Fee 0.67% 0.97% 2.5%
Focus Crypto-related companies Bitcoin futures contracts Large cap cryptocurrencies

Considering the performance, focus, and fees associated with each ETF option, Australian investors should carefully weigh the pros and cons when making their decision. With the limited but growing range of crypto ETFs available both domestically and internationally, investors aiming for a diversified portfolio can strategically allocate their assets in line with their preferred risk and reward profiles.

Assessing the Risk and Reward of Investing in Crypto ETFs

While crypto ETFs present a convenient path for investors to partake in the cryptocurrency market, they are not without significant risks. Events such as the collapse of FTX highlight the potential pitfalls in the sector. With varying degrees of regulatory oversight and the volatility stemming from the market’s size, crypto ETF investments should be approached with caution, risk awareness, and a well-thought-out strategy.

Understanding the crypto ETF risks and their potential investment rewards is essential before delving into this investment vehicle. Some notable risks in the sector include:

  1. Cryptocurrency market volatility: The dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market, characterized by significant fluctuations in asset values, presents a considerable risk factor for crypto ETF investments.
  2. FTX collapse impact: The fall of prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, such as FTX, exemplify the hazards posed by unforeseen developments and the industry’s exposure to unexpected market shocks.
  3. Crypto regulation: Regulatory changes in the crypto industry can impact the performance and stability of crypto ETFs. Investors should stay abreast of the ongoing advancements in cryptocurrency regulations.

Considering the inherent risks, it is crucial to assess the potential investment rewards of crypto ETFs. A critical aspect of this assessment is comparing the historical performance of crypto ETFs against traditional financial assets. The table below presents a comparison between the performance of the Australian BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) and other well-known traditional ETFs.

ETF 1-year Return 3-year Return 5-year Return
BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) 85% n/a n/a
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) 22.13% 14.63% 13.69%
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO) 16.92% 6.64% 6.31%
iShares Global Consumer Discretionary ETF (RXI) 26.35% 14.38% 12.47%

As the table demonstrates, the Australian crypto ETF (CRYP) has exhibited superior returns compared to other traditional ETFs over the past year. However, it is essential to remain cautious, as past performance does not guarantee future returns.

“Investing in crypto ETFs is not for the faint-hearted. It is crucial to be well-informed and vigilant in this highly dynamic market, taking calculated risks and maintaining a long-term perspective.”

By carefully analyzing both the risks and potential rewards of investing in crypto ETFs, investors can develop a strategy tailored to their risk tolerance and financial goals. The key lies in approaching these investments with caution, foresight, and research-backed decision-making.


The cryptocurrency ETF market has opened the door for Australian investors to integrate novel investment opportunities into their portfolios. Leveraging the fusion of traditional finance and the burgeoning digital currency ecosystem, crypto ETFs like the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) offer Australians a chance to engage with the rapidly evolving blockchain industry.

However, ascribing to Australian investment strategies incorporating these ETFs requires caution and a keen understanding of the risks involved. Cryptocurrency market volatility is not an insignificant concern, and events like the collapse of FTX serve as a timely reminder for investors to approach this sector responsibly and with a clear-eyed assessment of potential risks and rewards.

In conclusion, the emerging crypto ETF landscape in Australia holds considerable promise for those eager to diversify their portfolios and invest in the burgeoning realm of digital assets. Nevertheless, a cautious approach that accounts for the inherent volatility of the market and the demands of regulatory oversight is crucial for successfully navigating this relatively uncharted territory.


What is a crypto ETF?

A crypto ETF (exchange-traded fund) is an investment vehicle that allows investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies or companies in the crypto industry. Crypto ETFs are traded on stock exchanges and provide a regulated environment for investment, often without the complexities of direct cryptocurrency investment.

Are there any crypto ETFs available in Australia?

Yes, the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF (CRYP) is currently available on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It focuses on companies that support the crypto industry, such as those involved in mining or trading platforms.

Can Australian investors invest in international crypto ETFs?

Australian investors can consider international crypto ETFs, such as ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF and Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund, listed on US stock exchanges. However, these may come with higher costs and additional risks due to the volatility of crypto markets.

How do the fees for crypto ETFs compare?

The management fee for the BetaShares Crypto Innovators ETF in Australia is 0.67% per annum. This is relatively low compared to international ETFs like ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF and Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund, which have higher fees due to their more sophisticated investment strategies.

What are the risks associated with investing in crypto ETFs?

Crypto ETFs carry significant risks, including market volatility and regulatory uncertainty. Investors should approach crypto ETF investments with caution, risk awareness, and a well-thought-out strategy.

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